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Spoiling Pets: America's Biggest Expenditure Is Not What You Think

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In 2015, Americans spent more than sixty billion dollars on their pets. That figure is not about food or treats; it also includes pet clothing, toys, leashes, collars, accessories, exercise equipment, beds and bedding, etc. That is more than what American men spent on clothing and slightly less than what American women spent on clothing for themselves in the same year! No doubt about it, pet stuff makes money, and pet owners spoil their pets. The following examples show just how far pet owners are willing to go to spoil their "fur babies."

Black Fine Leather Collars

Dog owners want their dogs "dressed" to the nines, and that includes black fine leather dog collars, Italian leather shoes and harnesses, and the softest, most supple leather leashes money can buy. Price does not seem to be an object either. Celebrities think nothing of dropping a cool grand on a basic fine leather collar from an Italian leather designer. 

22K Gold-Leafed Pet Bowls

No joke; your cat or dog can eat out of a bowl created by famous human clothing designers for the price of about seven hundred to a thousand dollars. That is just one bowl; every pet needs two. One bowl is for food, the other for water. The crazy thing is, your cat or dog does not even know what you spent on their luxury dishes, nor do they care. They just want the bowls to remain full. 

Swarovski Crystal-Studded Doggy Door

For about two grand, your cat and/or dog can squeeze through this doggy door to romp outside or do its "business." Hopefully, if you spend that much on a doggy door, it is part of a door that no one on the street can see. The only other upside to this expense is that it looks like paste diamonds or the crafty work of a Bedazzler; otherwise you might find this stolen some morning.

Your Pet's Own Room

Some pet owners really do think that Fido or Fluffy are people. They give their pets their very own rooms. If there are not enough rooms in a house, the owners simply build on additions just to give their pets a posh kitty or doggy house that is connected to the rest of the house rather than outside in the cold. Considering that most home additions cost a minimum of twenty to thirty thousand dollars, that dog or cat must be really amazing.