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Customize An Old Pair Of Jeans

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Do you have a favorite pair of denim jeans that just don't make it into your wardrobe rotation anymore? Don't toss them in your giveaway pile just yet! Breathe new life into an old pair by customizing your jeans to display your personal style. 

Polka Dots

Adding polka dots to an old pair of jeans will give your pants a little flair, and you likely have everything you need to do it in your house. Choose a color of paint you love that contrasts well with your jeans. If you have dark blue jeans, try white paint. Choose black for your white jeans or pick out a few colors for a multicolored look. Make sure your jeans are clean and dry, and place them flat on a work surface. Soak a cotton swab with paint and carefully make dots all over the front of your jeans. When the paint is dry, flip them over and give the back the same treatment. When you're happy with your new polka-dotted jeans, run a hot iron over the paint to set the color. 

Tuxedo Stripe

Tuxedo-striped pants are all the rage these days. Dress up your old jeans by adding one -- all you need is some paint, a sponge, and some duct tape. Choose a paint color for the stripe. Bronze is a good choice because its metallic color adds some subtle flair. Place your jeans on a flat surface so that the outer seam is facing up. Choose how wide you want your stripe to be and place a long strip of duct tape at each outer edge of your planned stripe. Make sure it sticks well. Dip your sponge in your paint and fill in the area between your strips of duct tape. When one side is dry, give the other side the same treatment. Enjoy your new tuxedo-striped jeans!

Stamps and Stencils

There are plenty of ways to add a custom design to your jeans by using stamps and stencils. If you have a favorite stamp, dip it in paint and use it to create a design on your jeans. Alternatively, purchase a stencil at a craft store, find one online and print it out, or use a pretty piece of lace as a stencil. Place your chosen stencil over your jeans, fill in the open part of the stencil with paint or fabric markers, and before you know it you'll have a unique pair of jeans you'll be thrilled to wear. 

If you have an old pair of jeans, a few craft supplies and an hour of free time, you'll soon have a fabulous pair of jeans you customized yourself. To shop for some cheap, high-quality jeans in your area before starting one of these projects, visit a thrift store like Plato's Closet.