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You Plus Yoga

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In the United States, the average size of a woman is a 14, a size that usually heralds the lower end of what's called "plus" sizes. There has been an unfair and incorrect perception with active wear manufacturers that plus size women don't exercise, so the pickings have been slim for women who are "average" and above. Happily, more and more active wear—and yoga wear in particular—producers are finally wising up and the choices have never been better.

You already know what yoga can do for your body, mind and spirit, and this form of exercise is booming in popularity for a good reason. Yoga has been reputed to help with depression, weight loss, anxiety, and many other ailments, but mostly yoga just makes you feel good. The practice of yoga demands clothing that is comfortable, cool and unmovable while you perform downward dog. Read on for tips on what to look for in plus sized yoga clothing

Having the right clothes makes a huge difference in your attitude, and attitude is key when practicing yoga. When you are confident about your appearance, you stand taller and move with more confidence. You look forward to your yoga sessions when you know you have something cute and flattering to wear.

This is not the time for loose tees and baggy drawstring pants or shorts. Tops and bottoms that don't ride up or droop down as you go through your sequences are important. You want a close to the body fit, but not tight or constricting.

Look for yoga pants that have flat stretch waistbands, which will smooth you out. You can even find some with shaping panels for your tummy. Speaking of shaping, color blocking is hot in fashion now, and on yoga apparel the effects of a vertical line down your pant leg will make you appear taller. For tops, you can get the effect of a smaller waist with color blocking that curves inward at your midsection.

Seaming is an important design detail that can help you look more streamlined. Princess seams on your tops provide a closer fit and travel down your front to draw the eye in.

Don't forget your underpinnings. A good supportive sports bra is a must, and today's styles look great even if you decide to remove some layers as you warm up. For larger chests, look for bras that have separate cups, wider shoulder straps and moisture-wicking fabrics.

You can enjoy your yoga sessions, be comfortable and look attractive enough to run errands afterward if you follow the tips above to find cute, plus sized yoga apparel. Look into a company like San Francisco City Lights to see what yoga fashion they have for you.