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Janitor In A Hospital And Want To Wear Scrubs? Ways To Make Them Unique

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Scrubs are comfortable to wear, but because they represent people that work in the medical field, such as nurses, you should make yours different if you like to wear them while working as a janitor. If not, people may mistake you for a nurse or other medical professional. Before you start changing the way you look, ask the medical personnel what their nurses are allowed to wear so you know what you need to change.

Different Color

Most scrubs you see in hospitals are white or a green color. In some cases, however, you will see other colors also.  Look around where you work and see the different colors they wear, and order some discounted scrubs online that are a completely different color. For example, they may not wear black, as this color is sometimes associated with death.

If you choose to wear black, add some brightly colored pins, or wrap a brightly colored scarf around your neck or waist.  If you choose another color that is not worn at the hospital, you can likely get away with it, but you should still differentiate yourself in some way. Have a name tag made up that you can pin to your top that clearly shows that you are the janitor.

If the nurses are only allowed to wear the same solid colors for the tops and pants, wear one color for your top and one for your pants. You can also find patterned scrubs, such as striped and floral to make a big change. Mix and max patterns, such as a floral top and a striped bottom.

Add Things

Purchase an applique and put it on the front or back of the top. You can choose anything from a cartoon character to a photo, and more.  These can usually be ironed on very easily. You can usually find them in a craft store or online. Apply one that is large enough to be seen.

Hire someone to embroider your name and position on the shirt. This looks nice, and tells people who you are.

Make sure you talk with the personnel at the hospital to make sure you can do what you plan. They may have rules that you have to go by. If they allow it then it should work perfectly. Patients at hospitals are used to seeing the nurses there in certain colors, so you should easily look different to them.