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3 Motorcycle Accessories To Consider For Winter Riding

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Riding your motorcycle in the winter can be a bit tricky, mostly because many people find riding in the winter to be uncomfortable, However, with the use of gloves, neck/face warmers, and winter riding boots you can enjoy your motorcycle rides throughout the year, rather than having to store your bike in the garage for the winter.

Winter Riding Boots

One of the most important accessories to consider if you want to start riding in the winter is winter riding boots. Good winter riding boots are going to include rubberized soles with textures that allow the boots to better grip your pedals. This is absolutely vital when your brake and gear shifting pedals can get wet from the snow and rain, which can cause your feet to slip off of the pedals and potentially cause you to end up in an accident.

Another nice feature that you can look for in winter riding boots is heated soles for your boots. You can find winter boots that have the heating system built in, or you can buy the insoles and add them to your boots. 


Another must for a winter rider is a pair of gloves. One of the biggest reasons as to why you will want winter riding gloves is to keep the cold air while you are riding from freezing your hands. When driving in the winter without gloves, there is a chance that the cold air will numb your hands and make it harder for you to steer your bike, adjust your speed, or use your hand brake. 

You can also purchase electric riding gloves that can be connected to the bikes electrical system through a 12V connection that will be able to keep you nice and warm throughout your drive. Not only will this option keep your hands from getting number, but it will also keep you comfortable enough that you will be able to devote all of your attention to riding as safely as possible.

Neck/Face Warmers

Finally, you will want to purchase a neck or face warmer to wear under your helmet and coat. This is an important accessory to own even during mellow winters, mostly because even mild winters can feel so much colder as you are riding your bike. 

These warmers can keep you from breathing in cold air constantly and end up becoming sick or becoming distracted while riding because of your discomfort. Another great benefit to these warmers is that they can prevent your vision from being obstructed when your breath fogs up the interior of your helmet.

Visit your local motorcycle apparel shop today in order to see all of the great winter riding accessories. Neck/face warmers, gloves, and boots are all great winter riding accessories that can keep you warm enough to enjoy your rides, even on very cold days.