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4 Tips To Help You Transition To Platform Shoes

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In the past, platform shoes have had a bad reputation. Some people incorrectly assumed that they were only worn by women working in risqué professions. In actuality, they are a popular style of shoes that have been worn by women from all walks of life. If you are new to the world of platforms, here are some tips to help you get used to the transition to them. 

Tape Your Toes

One of the experiences you might have with your new platforms is pain through the ball of your foot. Unfortunately, that pain can take away from your job of wearing the shoes. There is a fix though. By taping your third and fourth toes together, you can ease some of the pressure on your foot. To get the best results, use medical tape to keep your toes together. 

Use Clear Gel Deodorant

As you wear your platforms shoes, your feet can start to sweat and slip inside the shoes. Slipping can lead to a buildup of friction in your shoes that causes blisters to form. To help prevent blisters and keep your feet fresh, rub the inside soles of your shoes with clear gel deodorant. The deodorant keeps you from sweating and your feet from slipping.

Take Your Time

Since this is your first time wearing platform shoes, you need to take time and get accustomed to them. Even though you might feel like you are ready to run in them after a few hours, continue to pace yourself for a few days. The more accustomed your feet become to the shoes, the less likely it is that you end up tripping over your shoes. Avoiding a fall also means avoiding a painful injury.

When walking, it is important that you remain conscious of your whole body. When you walk heel to toe, your legs will bear the burden of walking in the shoes. This alleviates the pressure on your feet and allows you to adopt a more natural gait in the shoes. 

Rest Your Feet

Even the most experienced platform shoe wearer needs to take time out to relax her feet. When you take the occasional moment to sit and rest your feet, you allow some of the pressure and strain to ease so that you can continue on your path a bit more comfortably. If possible, elevate your feet while resting to help improve the circulation of blood to your feet. 

Platform shoes take some time to get used to, but it is worth it. With these tips, you can ease into your new shoes gracefully.