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Six Cruising Hacks That Will Make Travel Easier

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Planning to take the family on a cruise? Before you go, there are a few hacks and tips that can make these inclusive holidays a bit easier and affordable, too.

Some cool cruising tips include: 

Invest in swimsuits.

You may be rather limited in terms of what you can take on your cruise, which makes packing particularly tricky. One great way to conserve what you need to take is by taking several swimsuits. Typically, you will be able to wear your cute bathing suits as tops, undergarments, and sportswear, which can reduce the number of other garments that you will need on your trip.

Distinguish your family's luggage.

Distinguishing your family's luggage in cruise terminals, customs, and airports can be difficult at times. An easy and inexpensive way to quickly identify your bags is with a cheap, brightly colored bath pouf. These frequently are found in dollar stores and discount venues, and they easily loop over the handle, making your bag stand out at a glance.

Pack a "cruising kit".

Fill a gallon-size resealable bag with some essentials that could cost a lot more on the ship. Accumulate these items, and others depending on your personal lifestyle, and tuck them in your suitcase for the next time you travel.

Some things that belong in your cruising kit include:

•         Alarm clock.

•         Power strip.

•         Travel cups and mugs.

•         Straws.

•         First aid essentials, such as bandages and burn treatment.

•         Mini shampoos, soaps, and toiletries.

Pay the extra to expedite embarkation.

Long lines are the biggest obstacle standing between you and the fun awaiting on the ship. Many major cruise lines offer expedited embarkation, which typically includes priority check-ins and less waiting in line to get on the boat. The privileges are worth the added cost, particularly for parties with impatient or overtired children.

Don't try to be sneaky.

When going on a cruise, you will need to go through customs which is a lot like the TSA at the airport. Don't try to save a few bucks by sneaking on booze, as getting caught can put a damper on the trip before it begins. Instead, order a bottle of your favorite spirit ahead of time through the cruise line and have it waiting in your room; this is a cheaper alternative to buying mixed drinks at the bar and less problematic than trying to sneak booze on the ship.

Invest in a decent bag.

Since waiting in line is an inherent part of heading out on a cruise, prepare yourself with a decent bag. Invest in one sturdy suitcase that is big enough to hold all of your stuff, and that has four spinner-style wheels for optimal ease during handling.

A cruise is an excellent, all-inclusive vacation that will be enjoyed by all ages. Before you go, make some preparations, pack a family cruising kit, and invest a little money in such things as priority check-ins, plenty of cute bathing suits, and decent luggage. This will ensure the smoothest, most convenient vacation possible!