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Streetwear Clothing: An Introduction For The Fashion-Forward Guy

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Whether you are looking to change up your style with something more modern or just need a few new pieces to keep your wardrobe in step with the rest of your buddies, there is no doubt that streetwear clothing is something you need to get familiar with. Streetwear style clothing has been around for a while, and it doesn't appear  to be going anywhere. This style or variations of this style are popular across the country. If you want to make a few changes in your own wardrobe, it is likely you want to know a bit more. Here are a few of the most common questions about the streetwear clothing style and the answers you should know as a fashion-forward guy. 

What exactly is streetwear clothing? 

Streetwear clothing is a specific type of clothing style which is designed to be comfortable enough for wear while doing everyday things, like skateboarding, walking the streets, or just hanging out. The clothing style has its roots in a lot of places and cultures, from surf and skate culture on the California coast to hip-hop fashion. However, the modern form of streetwear has a lot more elements, often boasting traits in style associated with Japanese street fashions and high-end fashion ideas like haute couture. 

What are some examples of streetwear clothing you should have?

If you want to make streetwear fashion your own, you should look into a few basics to get you started. For example, a good streetwear collection should include things like: 

  • high-end sportswear for active and formal occasions, such as name-brand athletic sneakers
  • loose-fit jeans bearing a designer name 
  • hoodies and bomber jackets from name brand retailers
  • athletic shirts bearing the brand name or emblem

Another variation of streetwear includes more luxury-worthy items, and often includes things like leather bomber jackets or expensive basketball shorts. The idea of achieving a luxury streetwear look is to be fairly casual, but wear only the top-of-the-line clothing articles in your outfit. 

Where is the best place to find streetwear clothing?

Streetwear clothing is provided by many top-end clothing retailers and designers, so you should have no trouble getting your hands on a few pieces no matter where you choose to shop. However, shopping online for streetwear clothing (from shops like  EMPIRE KINGS CLOTHING) is probably your best bet, because you get access to a full range of styles and types without doing all the legwork to find just what you want.