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How Fringe Can Give You That Country Girl Style

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Traditionally, a cowgirl is someone who works on a ranch and herds cattle. If you grew up in a farming community, then you may get nostalgic about your childhood. This feeling makes some women want to go back to their roots, but not literally.

You can capture your country roots with western clothing. Read on to find out how fringe can give you that country girl style.

Keep A Cowboy Hat In Your Closet

If you are trying to achieve the cowgirl look, then your wardrobe should not go without fringe and a cowboy hat. Fringe is a decorative style that started back in the 1920s. It is a decorative border of thread that looks similar to tassels. This decorative border is found on a variety of clothing items and accessories.

When you are feeling nostalgic, you should always have a cowboy hat on hand. A cowboy hat, when paired with jeans, a hat, and booties can give you that subtle cowgirl look. If you get one with fringe, then it will make people take notice of your outfit.

Cowboy hats with the fringe look comes in a variety of styles. For example, some hats come with the fringe hanging off the rim, which gives you a rustic look. You can also get cowboy hats that have the fringe that hangs off like a tassel from the center of the headgear.

Add A Jean Jacket

Denim has been apart of western wear for a long time. Every cowgirl should have a jean jacket in her closet. When you add fringe, your jean jacket goes from plain to unique. It is common to want to pair a jean jacket with jeans and cowboy boots. However, you can wear a fringe jean jacket with other clothing items. If you want a casual and relaxed look, then you can pair the jacket with leggings, sneakers, and a t-shirt.

Can't Go Wrong With Boots

Boots are very versatile because they come in a variety of styles. Cowboys originally started wearing boots out of function. These boots kept their feet in the stirrups and protected their legs. Today, they come with Swarovski crystals, different stitching, a variety of leathers, and decorations. You can go with a basic cowboy boot or choose one with fringe.

It is always fun to try different looks with your clothing. However, it also helps to find practical pieces that can be worn for non-western looks. For help finding western clothing, contact companies like JC Western Wear.