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A Few Tips For Buying New Athletic Shoes

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Whether you walk long distances or run to stay in shape, you'll need the proper athletic shoes. Wearing the wrong shoes can lead to foot pain or ankle injury. Give careful consideration to the shoes you buy when you go shopping and think about how well the shoes will support your feet and help with any foot condition you have. Here are some tips for buying athletic shoes. 

Buy New Shoes Regularly

Shoes are worn down a little bit every day that you wear them. At some point, they will no longer support your feet properly. The rate at which they wear down depends on how often you use them. If you run daily, you might need new shoes a couple of time each year. The expense is worth it because of the protection you get from shoes that offer full support. In addition, buy shoes made for the type of exercise you do. If you walk on some days and run on others, you may need both walking and running shoes. Running shoes have more padding and are a little more flexible than walking shoes, so matching the shoe to your activity is important for foot health.

Take A Foot Test

When you shop for shoes, let a professional measure your feet. In addition, take the foot test offered in many stores that displays how you bear weight on your feet. The foot test helps you choose the right shoe for support where you need it. The professional in the store will know which brands and styles are best for the results you get on the test. For instance, you may need extra support and more padding for the outside of your feet or for the arch area.

Shop For A Good Fit

While you might be used to traditional shoes breaking in gradually, high-quality athletic shoes won't change their fit all that much since they are well-constructed and sturdy. The shoes should fit perfectly in the store because that is how they will feel once you get them home and wear them a few days. Make sure your toes have plenty of room and check for comfort at the heel. If you have a difficult time finding shoes that fit well, you may need to try on different sizes and different brands until you find something you like. Search for high-quality shoes. Inexpensive athletic shoes might be fine for working around the house, but when you're running or walking long distances, you want a shoe that supports your feet and is durable. That means you'll probably need to pay more for the best foot protection.