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Ensure That Your Golf Shorts Can Deliver In These Ways

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More and more men who enjoy golfing opt for shorts over long pants. While the idea that men on the professional tour should be allowed to wear shorts continues to be a hot topic, players at local courses routinely wear shorts when the weather is appropriate. Wearing shorts has a lot of benefits. You'll find that they're more flexible than long pants, and if the fairways have recently been cut and are wet, you won't get small grass clippings stuck to the cuffs of your pants. If you're getting rid of some of your golf pants in favor of shorts, here are some things to look for when you shop for mens golf apparel.

Grip Strip Inside The Waist

You'll also want to look for golf shorts that have a grip strip inside the waist. This strip is made of a rubber-like material and is sticky to the touch, although it won't leave a residue on your body. It's designed to help keep your shirt tucked in; golf shirts have a tendency to come un-tucked over the course of a few holes, given how you contort your body when you swing. It's common for golf course dress codes to mandate tucked-in shirts, so this valuable strip will prevent you from running afoul of the course marshal or having to constantly fuss with your attire.

Wrinkle-Free Material

Lots of today's golf shorts are made of materials, including nylon and elastine, that are not only lightweight and flexible, but also unlikely to wrinkle. These shorts come out of the dryer in pristine shape, and even if you fold them, they won't stay creased for long. This feature is especially desirable for men who are planning to take a golf vacation. You don't want to unpack your golf attire from your suitcase and have it appear unkempt, requiring an emergency ironing session in your hotel room. When you buy wrinkle-free shorts, this won't be a concern.

Stylish Cut

While you might prefer baggy cargo shorts for hanging around the house during the summer, buying shorts for your golf game is an opportunity to look stylish. Lots of leading golf manufacturers have shorts that reflect today's style trends, namely, a few inches above the knee and slim fitting. Don't equate bagginess with comfort. The flexibility of the material won't limit your body's movements, even if the garment is cut slim. Men's golf shorts commonly come in a variety of inseam lengths, allowing you to find a pair that suits your frame.