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Features To Expect In A Good Military Jacket

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Whether you are just an average civilian who likes the combat-style look of a good military jacket or you are a hardcore survivalist who is stocking up on tactical gear, finding a good military jacket can be like hitting the jackpot. These jackets are not your average overcoat and usually boast a wide range of features that suit a variety of needs. Take a look at some of the cool features to expect when you buy a good military jacket. 

Concealable Hood 

Some days you need a hood because it is raining or the wind is fierce, but other times, the hood can just be in the way. When you buy a military jacket, you are likely going to get a hood that is completely concealable. A lot of versions had a hood that could be detached when it wasn't needed, but most military jackets you find are going to have a hood that will roll up and hide away in the collar. This makes it easier to access the hood when you do want it and less likely that you will detach the hood and lose it somewhere around the house, in your car, or otherwise. 

Multi-Stitch Pockets 

One of the greatest advantages of military apparel, in general, is how hefty it is built. Your jacket will be made of materials that will stand up really well to the elements and even some rough handling, and that includes the pockets. Most of these jackets are produced with large pockets in several places. If you look closely at the pockets, you will see that they are held in place with multiple rows of stitching. This kind of heavy-duty fabrication means it is highly unlikely that you will ever catch a pocket on something and see it rip. 

Two-Piece Design

When a soldier is in the field, they need to be able to adjust their combat wear quickly so they can stay comfortable. Therefore, military jackets often have a two-piece design in some form or fashion. Some jackets will have an inner padded liner that can be removed when temperatures are warmer so you have a thinner jacket. Some military jackets will have things like detachable sleeves and outer vests that can be removed. 

Overall, a military jacket is an excellent way to amp up your wardrobe. Take a look at a military gear store to see what kind of military jackets and combat apparel they have available.