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Why You Might Want To Get Your Dog A Waterproof Collar

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Are you getting tired of constantly having to replace your dog's collar? If you are using a standard nylon collar, chances are it will get all kinds of mud or other gunk on it over time, and it will need a replacement eventually if you want your dog to feel and look its best. Today, it's possible to get a waterproof dog collar that can stand up to anything your dog decides to throw at it. Here's why you might want to invest in a waterproof dog collar today.

Your Dog Is an Outdoor Dog

Does your dog spend most of its time outside? Do you frequently take your dog to the local park or maybe even for a run through the woods? The more time your dog spends outdoors, the more likely it's going to encounter a puddle, a patch of mud, or a rainstorm. Some dogs even embrace being outside and go hunting for the dirtiest patch of mud they can find. If that sounds like your dog, you know you are going to end up replacing lots of standard dog collars over time. Make an investment in a waterproof version and you won't have to keep going to the pet store for a new collar every couple of months.

Your Dog Is an Indoor Dog

But what if your dog stays on the couch with you most of the time? You might not think a waterproof dog collar is as important of an investment, but your dog doesn't stay indoors literally the time, does it? You'll sometimes take your dog out on a walk and of course it has to go out when nature calls. The point is, even a lap dog is going to have an opportunity to go out and get messy every once in a while. It might not take an indoor dog as long to mess up their collar, but it will likely happen eventually.

Your Dog Is a Slobbering Dog

There's another reason why you might want a waterproof dog collar and it has nothing to do with water. If your dog is the type that slobbers or drools, chances are some of that drools is going stick to the dog's fur underneath their mouth, and that's right where the collar is going to be located. A waterproof dog collar can stand up to your dog's drool instead of becoming a permanent mess that you need to throw away.

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