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Qualities to Look For in Maternity Leggings

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When you're pregnant, leggings are some of the most comfortable clothing you can wear. They stretch around your changing body, they can give your belly some support, and they don't bind or restrict your thighs. One other positive side-effect of leggings being so popular with expecting moms is the fact that there are many of them appearing on the market. However, this can leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the options and unsure which one to choose. The best leggings for you may not be the best leggings for your sister or friends, but in general, these are good qualities to look for as you shop for maternity leggings.

A little extra length.

If you are able to try leggings on before you buy them, try to buy a pair that seems just a touch too big right now. A week or two from now, once your belly has grown just a tiny bit more, some of the extra fabric will be taken up by your belly — and the leggings won't seem as long anymore. Having a little extra length also makes it easier for you to pull the leggings up or down a bit, as needed, to stay comfortable throughout the day.

A wide belly band.

Most maternity leggings have a band of supportive fabric across the top. This band is meant to give your belly some support. Try to look for leggings with as wide of a band as you can find. This way, the leggings won't pinch and bother your stomach. Leggings with too narrow of a band may become uncomfortable as your belly continues to grow.

4-Way stretch fabric.

When you're not pregnant, leggings made with 2-way stretch fabric may be comfortable enough. But once you are pregnant, you need the leggings to stretch up and out across your belly. So, you really do need a pair made with 4-way stretch fabric.

Dryer friendly.

When you're pregnant, you probably don't want to spend any more time than necessary doing your laundry. At the same time, you do want your clothing to be clean! So you should look for maternity leggings that you can put in the clothes dryer. This way, you won't have to wait for them to air dry or spend time hanging them up to dry. 

Maternity leggings are truly comfortable, especially if you take the time to select a pair with the qualities above. Once you find a pair you like, buy a few extras!