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Sew Easy: The Alterations Process

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Many may associate tailors with only handling specialized pieces such as wedding dresses or business suits. While these garments are certainly improved with alterations, the rest of one's wardrobe can also be uplifted. Clothes that no longer fit or fit poorly can usually be remedied by the professional hands of a tailor, and the alterations process is very simple. Here is a brief overview of the alterations process and what to expect when visiting a tailor. 

A Better Fit

Due to a variety of factors, clothes may just not fit the same as they used to. For individuals who have lost a lot of weight, for example, older clothes will be far too baggy and will need to be altered. Those who have smaller frames and have difficulty finding clothes that fit properly, on the other hand, can also benefit from having clothes altered. When seeking the services of a tailor, customers will find that their clothes will not only fit better but look spectacular as well. Expect to have measurements noted at the bust, shoulders, waist, hips, and inseam when taking clothes in to be altered. As with any service, special requests should be communicated to the tailor before the work begins and at the time of measurements. 

Typical Time Frame

Depending on the type of garment and work being done, alterations can take anywhere from a few days to a week to complete. A simple request such as hemming pants to a shorter length, for example, should only take one to two days. Pants that require more extensive work such as the addition of taking in the width of the legs and adjusting the waistline to take a few more days. For more specialized alterations such as wedding dresses, be sure to allow plenty of time for the alteration process, as this can take up to a week and possibly longer. For garments such as wedding dresses, several fittings may be required in between alteration sessions to ensure the fit is perfect. 

Try on the Finished Result

When picking up garments that have been altered, it is always a good idea to stay a little longer to try on the finished result. This will guarantee that the newly altered garment fits properly and is what the customer requested. Be sure to move around naturally to make sure that the piece feels comfortable and be aware of any spots that may feel tight or too loose. If having a pair of pants altered, for example, be sure to walk around and sit down. This will help gauge if the alterations were sufficient to produce a better fit. Finding a full-length mirror will also help customers get a better idea of how the piece looks to others. Finally, when trying on altered clothes, allow the tailor to note the finished fit and give feedback on any additional alterations the piece may need.