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4 Ways To Get Scuff Marks Out Of Cowboy Boots

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Scuff marks can make a good pair of cowboy boots look aged and possibly even ruined. Scuffs generally occur when the material is rubbed against another surface in a forceful or repetitive manner. They’re a perfectly normal sign of wear and tear. Luckily, scuff marks are actually fairly simple to get out of leather boots including cowboy boots. Here are three different ways to remove those unsightly scuffs: Try a Gum Eraser Read More»

3 Motorcycle Accessories To Consider For Winter Riding

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Riding your motorcycle in the winter can be a bit tricky, mostly because many people find riding in the winter to be uncomfortable, However, with the use of gloves, neck/face warmers, and winter riding boots you can enjoy your motorcycle rides throughout the year, rather than having to store your bike in the garage for the winter. Winter Riding Boots One of the most important accessories to consider if you want to start riding in the winter is winter riding boots. Read More»

Janitor In A Hospital And Want To Wear Scrubs? Ways To Make Them Unique

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Scrubs are comfortable to wear, but because they represent people that work in the medical field, such as nurses, you should make yours different if you like to wear them while working as a janitor. If not, people may mistake you for a nurse or other medical professional. Before you start changing the way you look, ask the medical personnel what their nurses are allowed to wear so you know what you need to change. Read More»

Four Factors For Choosing Shoes When You Work On Your Feet

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Medical professionals spend long hours on their feet every day. They do not have the time or energy to put up with blisters or tired, achy feet. This leads many to spend a large amount of their free time searching for the perfect footwear solution. There are plenty of potential choices available, but it is not just comfort that should be considered. Use the following four factors to help you find the best shoe for you. Read More»

On Pointe

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Spectators of ballet know that the graceful and effortless moves dancers perform are the result of hours upon hours of hard work. Truly skilled dancers appear to almost float through the air, suspended by nothing. This illusion of flying can be credited to the pointe shoe, the footwear that all advanced ballet dancers depend upon for the execution of the brilliant and complicated moves known as ballet.The evolution of footwear for dancers from heeled dancing shoes to pointe shoes can be thanked for this illusion. Read More»

You Plus Yoga

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In the United States, the average size of a woman is a 14, a size that usually heralds the lower end of what’s called “plus” sizes. There has been an unfair and incorrect perception with active wear manufacturers that plus size women don’t exercise, so the pickings have been slim for women who are “average” and above. Happily, more and more active wear—and yoga wear in particular—producers are finally wising up and the choices have never been better. Read More»

Customize An Old Pair Of Jeans

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Do you have a favorite pair of denim jeans that just don’t make it into your wardrobe rotation anymore? Don’t toss them in your giveaway pile just yet! Breathe new life into an old pair by customizing your jeans to display your personal style.  Polka Dots Adding polka dots to an old pair of jeans will give your pants a little flair, and you likely have everything you need to do it in your house. Read More»

3 Questions to Ask Yourself when Shopping for a Wedding Dress

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Shopping for your wedding dress can be incredibly fun and exciting, because you are choosing what dress you are going to wear for one of the most important and special days of your life. You want this dress to make you feel like a princess, and you want it to make your new husband melt when he sees you in it for the first time. In order to find the perfect wedding dress, there are certain questions that you can ask yourself. Read More»

Why Screen Print T-Shirts Are The Perfect Family Reunion Merchandise

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Screen print t-shirts make the perfect family reunion merchandise items! In addition to the fact that screen print t-shirts are stylish and attractive, they’re also practical. When everyone wears the same t-shirts together as a group, this makes it easier to identify one another and stay together. Screen print t-shirts can also be used to create a bond between family members. Read on to find out more. Shirt Messages Create a Sense of Unity Read More»